Our first week!

Aug 27, 2011
It's pretty hard to believe that it's only been a week since we brought our little baby boy into the world!  In some ways it's gone so very fast and in other ways it seems that time has come to a halt in our little world.  

Some random thoughts on our first week:

*I have fallen head over heals in love with our little guy 
*It's been 12 years since we had a newborn in the house and it's amazing how you remember so much and forget even more!
*Moving a week after you have a c section isn't the smartest thing to do!  We don't like to keep things boring in our lives for sure!
*The smell of formula is something you don't ever forget, especially in bottles left sitting that you have to clean
*Having a 12 year old is amazing for a built in helper and she is the best!
*Drugs are our friends! I have a high tolerance for pain but it's much better when I'm on good drugs.  :)
*Sleep deprivation is a part of our lives for this time 
*Loves the sounds that Kaden makes as he eats...kind of like he is singing to himself
*I could sit and hold my little guy all day if I could!
*I feel closer to my husband in ways I can't even explain right now just knowing that we brought this amazing little boy into the world out of our love for each other
*How quickly baby stuff  has taken over our  house and how much these little people need!
*Just what you can with lack of sleep amazes me!
*That God has blessed our family in ways I never thought He would in the many years of not being able to conceive and my heart is full
*Our whole vocabulary has changed...our son, the kids, family of 4, brother and sister, sibling...it catches me by surprise sometimes hearing these phrases and knowing they are about us now!
*Being pooped up and peed on by a little boy just isn't that pleasant!
*How this just feels like it completes me in ways I can't even put into words right now
*How amazing it feels to see my husband holding his son
*What amazing husband I have to walk through this with me and how much closer we have become during this pregnancy and delivery


  1. Jen said...:

    Awww! I loved saying, "the kids" too!

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