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Apr 29, 2011
I love making our house a home and wanted to share a bit of it here. If you want to see in a little closer you can just click on the picture to make it bigger.  
 This is our homeschool/scrapbook/office room and one of my favorites.  It's has a wall of rounded windows that I love.  And, as you can see, our little Izzy loves to perch herself on the chair and look out the windows.  And of course bark at everyone walking by!
 My scrapbooking table (that is a little messy right now)
 This is where we do most of our homeschooling.  We haven't ever had a dedicated place to do our school so this is new for us and I quite like it.  We have just worked on the kitchen table but we don't have a new one just yet so this works just great.  I also scrapbook here too sometimes if I want to sit down.  I usually stand and scrapbook but this is nice to have in case I want to sit.

 This is our hallway and what you see as you walk up our stairs into our apartment.
 Our living room
 These are some frames that we used for our trade show booth for layouts and I loved being able to use them here too!  Love being able to put some of my favorite scrapbook pages up for display too and see them all th time.
 My lovely big door I got for $10 at a garage sale in North Carolina!  Love it!

 This is looking into our dining room from our living room
 The fireplace in our living room.  I love windows and doors...can you tell?! :)
 This is a cabinet that was left here and it has worked out great for us.  We quite like it!
 Kitchen.  Steve has painted two of our walls and needs to paint the rest the red that we have picked out.  Can't wait!
 The storage in the kitchen isn't much to get excited about so I have used these metal shelves and I quite like them as well.  Kinda of nice having my stuff readily available

The opposite end of our hallway leading down to our  bathroom and our bedroom.  That's all for now!  


  1. Cindy Hyde said...:

    Your house looks like you! Beautiful colors, big windows, and a real school room....what bliss. And a little boy on the way, I hope you are savoring this time. Love, Cindy

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