Kaden in the NICU

Aug 20, 2011
Having to have your baby in the NICU is never anything you want and it was hard to truly comprehend all that was happening but thankful that he was being well taken care of by the wonderful people there. He ended up having to just be in there for 2 days and right now it looks like he will be going home with us once I'm released.  It was hard not being able to be with him much during the last 2 days but we knew they were doing what was best for him and that was what was important to us too!  He was, of course, the biggest guy there and the nurses there loved him!  It was amazing to walk by the little little babies there and made us even more thankful for him and that things could always be different with him.  But no matter what we knew God had him in His hands and everything was going to be just fine.  Due to his breathing issues, they had to feed him through a tube in his nose and he had to do that for the first 24 hours.  The last 24 hours we were able to feed him with the bottle but he still had to stay in the NICU for monitoring.  They were trying to figure out the why of his breathing issues and had to do lots of testing.  They ended up finding a small heart murmur and some issues that will hopefully clear themselves by the time he is 1 to 2 months old.  Since he was a full term baby we ill just have to take him to see a cardiologist when he is 1 to 2 months old to see if the issues have corrected themselves and we are hopeful that that will be what happens.  

   He was released from the NICU tonight and we are elated!  Now he gets to be in the room with us and we can really get in our baby time!  And I really should be sleeping right now but my back is hurting from the spinal and the pain meds don't seem to be touching it much.  ugh!   


  1. Awww Heather huge congrats to you and the family! Such a darling and such a blessing. :)

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