21 days left!

Jul 26, 2011
I need to get some better pictures but this is one of my big belly and it is REALLY big right now!  I'm definitely getting to that very uncomfortable stage and I'm ready to be done!  It's getting harder and harder to sleep at night between being just uncomfortable and having to get up and pee every hour or two.  It's not much fun at all!  I have started taking naps in the afternoon out of necessity to just make it through my day right now.  :)

I'm struck tonight with just how fast this has gone for me.  Of course right now I feel like it's dragging, but in the big picture I'm just amazed that it's almost over.  I'm so ready to meet our little guy!  I'm ready to have my body back for sure!  The simple fact that I never thought I would ever be pregnant again is never a thought that is far from my mind.  Especially as I feel him moving inside me and the miracle that I know he is!  It's still not what we planned but I've come to terms with it all and that my life is not my own and God knew all along what was best for us.

21 days until we meet our little guy and I'm ready! ;)

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  1. Leslie said...:

    I'm so excited for you!!! (((Heather))) He'll be here before you know it!

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